Workforce Mobility Analytics Made Easy: A Weichert Webinar

Yes, the data behind your mobility program tells a story, and that story can make a compelling case for just how much mobility matters within your organization. But where analytical data has been helping other business units improve planning and spending for decades, it’s still a mostly untapped resource in the workforce mobility realm.

So if you’re a mobility manager looking to harness the power of analytical data, where do you start?

Join Ellie Sullivan, SGMS-T, SCRP, HCS, Senior Vice President of Weichert's Advisory Services and author of the award winning Mobility article, "Workforce Mobility Analytics: The Holy Grail," as she removes the mystery from mobility analytics. She’ll explain strategies and best practices for leveraging data to better manage, develop and quantify the effectiveness of your mobile talent. Once you know the secret to mining analytics, you can help senior management see the light and prove how much Mobility Matters to your company, to your talent and to your future. Yes, it can be intimidating, but we created this webinar to help you tell your story. 

This webinar is complimentary to corporate relocation/mobility managers and HR leaders only and registration requires a verifiable email address. Participants will receive 1 Continuing Education credit from Worldwide ERC and 2 credits from CERC.




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